Energy efficient lighting upgrades and retrofits in Boise Idaho

Retrofitting is an upgrade of existing lighting to achieve maximum energy efficiency. By upgrading, utility costs decline and illumination levels generally increase.

We will come out to your site and give a FREE CONSULTATION on lighting efficiency upgrades. Idaho Power currently offers rebates as an incentive for customers to retrofit their facilities. We work with our clients to ensure they get all of the rebates they for which they are eligible.

Most customers will qualify for the Idaho Power incentive program .

The most common on retrofit is still the T12 fluorescent bulbs to T8 . By making this change the customer cuts energy consumption by approximately 30-50 percent. T8 bulbs operate on electronic ballasts, which are more efficient than the older magnetic ballasts used by T12 bulbs. T8 bulbs also provide better lumen maintenance and typically last longer than T12 bulbs. We don't just install the same generic bulb/ballast combinations for each job. There are many different bulb/ballast combinations that can be used depending on customer priorities- max energy savings/increasing/maintaining light levels.

We are also now doing T8 to LED upgrades.   We can use T8 LED, LED troffers or LED strip kits to upgrade the fluorescent lights. 

Halogen flood lights can not very easily and affordably be upgraded to LEDs. Idaho Power still has incentives for changing over halogen flood lights to LED.   The quality of the LED flood lights as dramatically improved in the past couple of years.

Convert incandescent exit light to LED exit lights . This can up to 90% in energy cost over incandescent lights.   This is one light that is running 24/7 in your facility.

Occupancy sensors are also a great way to make sure lights are not on when they shouldn't be. Occupancy sensors automatically shut off lights when the space is not occupied. Idaho Power rebates for occupancy sensors start at $35 per occupancy sensor and go up depending on type!  

There are also energy saving opportunities highbay industrial lighting. The most common type of high bay lighting is probe-start metal halide. We can convert old metal halide or high pressure sodium highbays to either high performance fluorescent lighting or new LED highbays.

Latest News

LED Washbay lights

We recently upgraded some old high pressure sodium lights to new modern LED highbays in a washbay facility. The picture on the on the left with the old orange lights are the high pressure sodium bulbs - using approximately 295 watts per fixture. The new LEDs use 100 watts per fixture. The HPS lights had a rated life of 20,000 hours and the new LEDs are rated at 70,000 hour life. The LEDs are

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