Boise Subdivision Lighting

Boise Subdivision lighting maintenance and repair

Are you a Home Owner Association (HOA) looking for someone to maintain the street lights in your Treasure Valley subdivision?

Are you a Boise area commercial property manager looking for a reliable partner to keep the subdivisions you manage well lit?

At Bright Ideas Lighting subdivision lighting maintenance and repair is one of our specialties. We service lighting at subdivisions in Boise, Meridian, Eagle and Star, Idaho.

We proactively drive through the subdivision at night checking for lights out, notify you of outages, and get the lights fixed quickly.

By actively monitoring lights in your Boise Idaho subdivision we keep your subdivision well lit. That means less complaint calls to you as the property manager or as the HOA board member. A well lit housing subdivision is a safer subdivision.

Our bucket truck reaches over 40’ and so we have no trouble reaching typical subdivision street lights. Also having the larger truck allows us the reach to get the hard to get poles that others can’t reach.

Most Boise, Meridian, and Eagle subdivision lights are high pressure sodium lights which emit a yellow/orange color. At near end of life these lights typically start flashing on and off, which can be very annoying for residents and cause safety issues.

We typically try to schedule our subdivision lighting maintenance where we hit multiple subdivisions in the same area of the Treasure Valley on the same day. By doing this we are able to typically keep labor charges low so that you don’t pay big dollars for driving time.

You can call us at or fill out our contact form to get your Boise subdivision lighting maintenance scheduled.

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