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If you watch the news on a regular basis, think of how often you hear about house fires that are the result of faulty electrical wiring. Many times these are caused by electrical work that was either done by a builder who didn’t use the services of a professional electrician , or by a homeowner who believed they could take on the electrical work on their own. For every fire that you hear about, there are hundreds more that are just waitingto happen, simply because the electrical work is not up to code.

Faulty or unsafe wiring is not only a fire hazard, and it can also increase the risk of shock, especially if the wires are exposed. On top of the more than 30,000 home fires that occur every year, residences that aren’t updated to reflect the current electrical codes also account for 200 deaths and over 1,000 injuries. The electrical codes change regularly, and the only people who are able to keep on top of all the changes are professional electricians.

Most homeowners are under the false impression that if they live in a newer home that their electrical work will all be up to code, but that is not necessarily the case. There are a lot of items that may have slipped through the cracks, and without an inspection from a qualified electrician, your home could be at risk.

Some of the most common issues that your electrician will find include new fixtures installed to an old wiring system that isn’t designed to manage it. That can cause overheating, which in turn can lead to an electrical fire, as can overstuffing a switch box, which is another common problem. Many of the issues that are not up to current code are a mixture of shoddy electrical work and a builder trying to hide unsightly wiring. That can lead to splice boxes being tucked away in tough to reach areas, and wires that
are threaded through wooden studs in a way that leaves them potentially exposed to puncturing.

Instead of waiting for an accident to happen to see of your home meets all the current electrical codes, you should get in touch with us and let one of our professional electricians inspect your wiring . All of the problems mentioned above, plus many others that may crop up, can be quickly and
effectively taken care of in a short amount of time. Click to Schedule Service

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