Idaho Power lighting incentive reductions

Idaho Power held some recent meetings regarding Idaho Power lighting incentives changes coming up in mid June 2016.

The biggest change is that the incentives for the LED screw in light bulbs replacing incandescent bulbs is going way down. Currently replacing a 60 watt incandescent with a 11 watt LED is a $30 per bulb incentive. Once the incentives change the new incentives for that same type of bulb replacement will be only $12.25. So the reduction is significant, over 50%.

So for businesses that still have any incandescent lights the goal should be to get those swapped out to LEDs before June 15th so they can still get their project done under the current higher incentives.

Call Bright Ideas Lighting at to schedule an appointment for us to come do a walkthrough at your site to determine what incentives you facility would qualify for.

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