On fixture lighting occupancy sensors

Idaho Power Easy Upgrades program is currently offering $50 per fixture lighting incentives for adding an on fixture occupancy sensor. This lighting incentive covers the vast majority of the cost of the sensor and installation labor. These on

Boise Idaho Lighting retrofit case study

Big Twin Motorcycles in Boise Idaho is the BMW motorcycle dealer of choice in the Treasure Valley. Recently they decided to upgrade their old T12 fluorescent lighting to new energy efficient T8 high performance lights. Their work space and

Electrical Code Corrections - Boise Idaho

If you watch the news on a regular basis, think of how often you hear about house fires that are the result of faulty electrical wiring. Many times these are caused by electrical work that was either done by a builder who didn’t use the services of

Boise Subdivision Lighting

Boise Subdivision lighting maintenance and repair Are you a Home Owner Association (HOA) looking for someone to maintain the street lights in your Treasure Valley subdivision? Are you a Boise area commercial property manager looking for a

Home Security Lighting Boise Idaho

Home Security Lighting Boise Idaho When you think of home security for your Treasure Valley Idaho home, it tends to conjure images of alarm systems or fenced in residences, and while those are good ideas, there is another way to protect your home

Whole Home Surge Protection

Whole Home Surge Protection for your Boise Idaho Home Most people have their most valuable electronics, such as widescreen TV and computer, plugged into a surge protector, but that is the equivalent of placing a bandage over a shark bite. They

GFCI outlet installation - Boise Idaho

Do you need a GFCI Outlet installed in your Boise, Idaho home?   There are all manner of odd jobs that can be done around the home without any sort of professional help, but when it comes to anything electrical, that is always something that

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LED Washbay lights

We recently upgraded some old high pressure sodium lights to new modern LED highbays in a washbay facility. The picture on the on the left with the old orange lights are the high pressure sodium bulbs - using approximately 295 watts per fixture. The new LEDs use 100 watts per fixture. The HPS lights had a rated life of 20,000 hours and the new LEDs are rated at 70,000 hour life. The LEDs are

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