Kelvin Temperature in Lighting

Kelvin symbolized by K is a unit of measurement used to measure temperature. In lighting it refers to the color temperature of light sources. Temperatures of light sources and fixtures above 5000 K seen as bluish white is referred to as “cool” while

Lighting Dimmer Switch installation

Lighting Dimmers – Offering You a Range of Benefits Have you considered getting lighting dimmers installed in your office or home? There are too many benefits to using these devices for you to not consider getting them. These are devices that are

LED Tube lights Boise Idaho

We recently installed some LED tube lights at a commercial building in downtown Boise, Idaho. This was the first project that we had used LED tube lights. Typically the cost of the LED tubes makes them not a suitable retrofit for T12 or even T8

2011 Idaho Power lighting rebates

The 2011 Idaho Power rebates have changed significantly over 2010. In many ways the rebates are better now than they have ever been before. Below are some highlights of changes. • Rebates for replacing 400 watt metal halide fixtures with 6 lamp

8' lighting retrofit options

If your business still has 8’ T12 light bulbs there are different options that are available for lighting upgrades. The 8' 2 lamp T12 light fixtures are still very common, especially in garages, auto and tire shops and warehouses. At Bright Ideas

Boise Idaho Induction lighting

Are you interested in saving money on both lighting maintenance and on your energy bills? Schedule a free consultation on whether your faciilty may be a good candidate for a lighting upgrade using induction lights. We recently replaced some old

fluorescent light bulb colors - what is kelvin level?

Fluorescent light bulb tubes can be purchased in several different colors. The colors are measured in kelvin. Customers frequently ask me what is the best color light for my business? My answer, is "whatever you think looks the best". Some people

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LED Washbay lights

We recently upgraded some old high pressure sodium lights to new modern LED highbays in a washbay facility. The picture on the on the left with the old orange lights are the high pressure sodium bulbs - using approximately 295 watts per fixture. The new LEDs use 100 watts per fixture. The HPS lights had a rated life of 20,000 hours and the new LEDs are rated at 70,000 hour life. The LEDs are

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