High Pressure Sodium Lighting

High Pressure sodium lighting produces a yellowish orange light color and is used in many street light and parking lot lights

The high pressure sodium lights have a relatively long life cycle at 20,000 rated hours.

When the high pressure sodium lights get older they tend to frequently flash on and off.   Contrary to many reports this does not indicate that the fixture's ballast needs to be replaced.

The negative aspect of high pressure sodium lights is their overall color quality of the yellow/orange color as seen below and very low light quality - color rendering index of approximately 20.

Latest News

LED Washbay lights

We recently upgraded some old high pressure sodium lights to new modern LED highbays in a washbay facility. The picture on the on the left with the old orange lights are the high pressure sodium bulbs - using approximately 295 watts per fixture. The new LEDs use 100 watts per fixture. The HPS lights had a rated life of 20,000 hours and the new LEDs are rated at 70,000 hour life. The LEDs are

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