LED Parking lot lights

Most parking lot lights in Boise Idaho are still metal halide or high pressure sodium lights.   LED parking lot lighting is becoming more and more common, as the price of the higher wattage LED product have decreased in the last couple of years.

There are different ways one can convert their older HID lighting to LED

1.  New led pole heads.   These are generally going to be the most expensive option, but also provide the longest lasting LED option.   Many of the new parking lot light are rated over 60K run hours and some up to 100K run hours.  LED manufacturers typically give a minimum of 5 year warranty on the new pole head, with some even offering 10 year warranty.

alltech pole head

ATG pole head







2.  Retrofit kit -   These retofit kits typcially have an flat LED plate which can be inserted into pole head.  The bulb and many times socket are removed from current fixture.  The LED driver typically is mounted remotely (in place similar to where HID ballast is located).   These are typically less expensive than new poles heads, but more money than the corn cob style LED screw in lights.   These distribute light all straigtht down (much like the LED pole head, and unlike LED corn cobs)

LED retrofit kit

3  LED screw in "corn cob" style lights.  These are popular and the lowest cost LED conversions.  There are wide variety of options on these type of "hid replacement" style LEDs, starting from 15 watts up to 150 watts.   These are typically rated 50K hours or 5 year warranty from manufacturer.    Some of the newest models of the LED corncobs are getting an impressive 130 lumens per watt.   With the LED screw in lights the current HID fixture is deballasted and power wired direct to socket.   LED corn cob


Currently Idaho Power calculates incentives on all of these 3 options the same, they pay 12 cents or 18 cents per kwh depending on whether project is interior or exterior.   Exterior pay the 12 center and interior lighting retrofit projects pay the 18 cents.

Bright Ideas Lighting has completed many projects using each of the above type of LED upgrades for parking lot lighting.  


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