Idaho Fitness Factory

Idaho Fitness Factory in Meridian Idaho is a fitness facility with lights running 24/7.   The Meridian site had 4' T8 and mostly 8' T12 fluorescent lights.  

The T12 fixtures were removed and replaced with 48 watt LED strip fixtures.   This was an almost 2/3 reduction in electricity used.  Light levels increased.

LED strip lights Meridian idaho


The T8 fixtures were replaced with new 2x4 LED troffers.   With this upgrade we went from 112 watts per fixture down to 40 watts per fixture.   We also changed out remaining incandescent lights to LED.  Motion sensors were installed in bathrooms and side rooms in order to maximize energy savings from the project.  

The project was a submitted through Idaho Power to get incentives for upgrades.  Because we did occupancy sensors in appropriate areas this project qualified for an extra 5% incentives over normal levels.   This is what Idaho Power calls a "complete lighting upgrade".  Bright Ideas Lighting handled all of the Idaho Power bureaucrats and forms for the customer.   

The LEDs that we installed have 5 year warranties.  So Idaho Fitness factory will enjoy years of zero lighting maintenance costs.

LED troffers Meridian idaho





Latest News

LED Washbay lights

We recently upgraded some old high pressure sodium lights to new modern LED highbays in a washbay facility. The picture on the on the left with the old orange lights are the high pressure sodium bulbs - using approximately 295 watts per fixture. The new LEDs use 100 watts per fixture. The HPS lights had a rated life of 20,000 hours and the new LEDs are rated at 70,000 hour life. The LEDs are

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