Arbor Crossfit

LED Upgrade

Bright Ideas Lighting Co. recently upgraded the lights at Arbor Crossfit in Boise, Idaho. The facility had all T12 lights; mostly they were 8′ lights. All of the lights in the workout areas were 8′ T12, and offices and changing rooms were primarily 4′ T12 fluorescent.

We upgraded the lights to T12 lights to new LED fixtures. In some areas, we swapped the lights out 1 for 1, but in others, we were able to use LED strip fixtures. Light levels throughout the facility increased by approximately 30%. Additionally, wattage was cut by around 70%.

We used Idaho Power’s lighting incentive program to get incentive money for this project which paid for approximately 95% of the total cost. This left the customer to pay only a small out-of-pocket sum for all new LED lights.

The LED lights are expected to last at least 70,000 hours. In addition to the energy savings, the customer will also be saving on lighting maintenance costs for the next several years.

Well lit gym space