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Lighting is one of the most important elements of a building. After all, it enables people to see clearer, thus making it critical for places where work is carried out. Furthermore, lighting has a huge effect on how people see things, thus making it no less important when it comes to matters of beauty. As such, interested parties should put some serious thought into whether their current lighting suits their needs or not.

How Can Bright Ideas Lighting Help You with Your Lighting?

Of course, interested parties should make sure to choose to have their lighting installed by reliable and reputable professionals such as Bright Ideas Lighting. This is because such tasks require specialized expertise, experience, and equipment for effective results, meaning that they should never be entrusted to those that haven’t proven themselves. Something that is particularly true because electrical systems can be very dangerous for those who aren’t used to working with them.

Having said that, the services of Bright Ideas Lighting is far from being limited to lighting installation. For instance, we possess a thorough understanding of lighting products as well as how those lighting products can be used to create the best effects. Thanks to this, Bright Ideas Lighting can provide interested parties with a solid understanding of the options that are available to them, thus enabling them to make the best choices for their particular needs and circumstances.

As for the kinds of benefits that interested parties can expect to reap, they are as numerous and wide-ranging in nature as the kinds of lighting products that can be found out there. For example, LED lights have become very popular in recent times because of a number of reasons. One, they are energy-efficient, so much so that they can produce noticeable reductions in usage costs. Two, less energy use means less consumption of scarce resources, which tends to be rather important for those who are concerned about the environment. Three, LED lights can last for a long time, thus further increasing their value for interested parties. Similarly, it should be mentioned that having the right lights in the right places can change the whole atmosphere of a room. In fact, it is worth noting that plenty of interested parties opt for adjustable lighting so that they can change the look of the space as the occasion dictates. Something that can make it much more versatile than otherwise possible.

If there is a single downside to Bright Ideas Lighting, it would be that the prices on our selection of lighting products tend to be higher than those of some of our competitors. However, one can make the argument that this can be considered an upside of sorts as well. Simply put, people get what they are willing to pay for. Certainly, interested parties can go for the cheapest options when it comes to their lighting. However, they are going to suffer because of less up-front factors such as less suitable materials, less advanced technologies, and reduced regard for product quality. Combined, these factors mean that it is very much possible for the cheapest options to prove more expensive in the long run, whether because of their increased usage cost, the increased need for repair and replacement because of their shorter useful lifespan, or some combination of both. When interested parties choose lighting system, they should choose them for the long run, meaning that these long-term considerations are very important to say the least.

Bright Idea’s Other Commercial Lighting Projects

It is very easy for companies to make claims about their products and services. As a result, it is natural for interested parties to feel a sense of skepticism, which is something that can prove very helpful for them when it comes to choosing between potential contractors. However, Bright Ideas Lighting has worked on a wide range of lighting projects for a wide range of clients, meaning that our results stand as testament to our claims.

One excellent example would be the Idaho Soccer Center in Meridian, ID. Like its name says, the facility hosts both competitive and recreational soccer matches on a regular basis, meaning that its lighting plays an important role in ensuring that everyone can see what is happening. On top of that, the lighting has to be protected because of the chance for a soccer ball to hit them. Our project consisted of an upgrade of the existing lighting to use modern LED high bay fixtures that are expected to last for more than 60,000 hours of use. Better still, the project qualified for the Idaho Power lighting incentives, which accounted for more than 60 percent of the total cost.

Other examples range from Technichem to Hillcrest Assisted Living. In the first case, the detergent company replaced upgrades to both its interior lighting and its exterior lighting. LED lights were used in both cases. However, occupancy sensors were also installed for the interior lighting so that it would shut off when no one was around, thus making for even more energy savings. In the second case, Hillcrest Assisted Living had more than 800 incandescent light bulbs in use before we replaced them with LED lights that were more efficient as well as capable of superior light quality. The annual energy savings are expected to be more than 200,000 kWh on an annual basis, which are enough to cover the cost of the project in just three months’ time.

Further Considerations

Lighting is an important issue, which is why interested parties should put serious thought into making sure that they understand the relevant issues. Fortunately, Bright Ideas Lighting is a McCall commercial lighting company that possesses not just the expertise and the experience but also the eagerness to help out in this regard. After all, we understand just how important these projects can be for our clients, which is why we are intent on making sure that they understand everything of relevance so that they can make the best choices for themselves.

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