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Meet Bright Ideas Lighting Company, Boise’s best lighting contractor. We’ve worked on a variety of different lighting projects including retail space, gym areas, restaurant, office space and parking garages. Our years of experience and expertise help us deliver incredible results for our clients regardless of the job. Being the Treasure Valley’s most trusted commercial lighting contractors, we’ve helped several property over the years with their parking lot lighting needs.

Advantages of having a Properly-Lit Parking Lot

Having a well-lit and professionally maintained parking area for your clients, customers, patrons, faculty or staff has a number of advantages. We believe some of the top advantages are preventing accidents, improving safety and increasing storefront appeal.

Helps Prevent Vehicle Accidents

A poorly lit parking lot area is dangerous. Low light situations can cause poor visibility increasing the likelihood of a collision on your premises. Car accidents are obviously extremely frustrating and possibly harmful for the people using your parking lot. It can also put you as the property owner in significant legal risk if the poor lighting situation is found to be a contributing factor to the accident. Creating and maintaining a well-lot parking area keeps your customers safer and you out of liability.

Good Lighting Improves Security and Safety

Better lit parking lot areas are more safe in the following ways:

  • Thefts, burglars and other criminals are less likely to harm or break into a vehicle that is parked in a well-lit area. More people are likely to witness the activity and be able to intervene.
  • As patrons of even your own staff members travel from their vehicles to the building they could be susceptible to people who may wish to cause them harm. Better lighting eliminates hiding areas that people can hide. This will help make the potential threats more visible.
  • Parkings lots that have sufficient lighting can also make it easier to later identify intruders or other offenders as they are leaving the scene. Better lighting will help make the faces or other notable features more easily identifiable.
  • Debris and other materials will easily be blown in from time to time into your parking area. Most of the time this litter is annoying but not dangerous. However, if someone does slip, trip or stumble over. If this happens and the person is severely injured during the process you may be held liable. Properly lit parking lots can helps customers more easily spot things that may cause a tripping hazard.

Great Lighting Improves Storefront Appearance

Poorly-lit retail or office locations make it more difficult for a consumer to find your location but it also makes it look unattractive and uninviting. Great lighting around your place of business can make your location look safer and more professional.

Advantages of LED Parking Lot Lights

There are so many advantages that modern LED Lighting technology provides. Here’s only some of them to consider:

Our LED Parking Lot Lighting Solutions Produce More Light than Older Options

The best Parking lot lighting fixture is the one that lights up most of the space that needs illumination, rather than displacing light in all directions. LEDs give incredibly bright lights, and hence you will use fewer lights that will save you a lot in initial and maintenance costs.

More Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

One of the strongest advantages that LED lights can provide is the higher quality level of energy efficiency they provide. LEDs convert most of the electrical energy with up to 95% efficiency to light energy, and wastes only 5% as heat energy. Comparing this to traditional lighting like incandescent lights that consumes more as heat energy, LEDs draw much less power to give sufficient lighting.

A typical 84-watt fluorescent light is easily replaceable with a 36-watt LED for the same amount of light energy, which is a huge difference in consumption.

LEDs Generally have Longer Lifespans

The output of LEDs decreases very gradually over time, which contributes to lower carbon emissions. They can last up to six times longer or more. Usually, the LED light have a useful life of 100,000 hours which means you will have to change them significantly less frequently than other

Quality of Light

LED light produces a more attractive light without the awful orange light that is common with outdated lighting options. LED lights also produce great light without the typical flickers that older lighting solutions have.

Bright Ideas Parking Lot Lighting Systems

Every parking area lighting job we take is unique. Every parking lot and company has different lighting needs and we have the systems to execute on whatever you need.

Community and Customer Safety Are Our Priorities
Outdoor lighting can be a challenge for any business owner or community. Street lights and parking lot lights need a licensed commercial electrician with a bucket truck to safely and properly maintain them. You already know, keeping your streets or parking lot well-lit is essential to preventing crime, increasing safety, and making sure there is good visibility for drivers and pedestrians alike. To ensure the best lighting solutions for your street or business, contact Bright Ideas Lighting. The safety of your community and customers depends on it.

Same Day or Next Day Parking Lot Light Service and Repair

As a business owner or property manager, providing a safe parking lot for your tenants or customers is a big part of your responsibility. Hiring the best commercial lighting contractor in Boise makes that job a lot easier. When you call Bright Ideas Lighting to replace your dim or burnt out parking lot lights, you can rest assured knowing we have the proper license, insurance, experience, and equipment to perform the job safely and efficiently. The typical parking lot lights are either metal halide or high pressure sodium. We stock both types in a variety of wattages on our truck so we can make the necessary repairs the same day. Unlike most commercial lighting companies in Boise, we also keep a small stock of the old mercury vapor lights. So, no matter how old your parking lot lights are, we can provide the services you need to maintain the proper amount of light from sunset to sunrise. And when you’re ready to upgrade to LED’s we can do that too. LED’s provide the ultimate in parking lot lighting with crystal clear light and virtually no dark spots. Contact Bright Ideas Lighting today and see what you’ve been missing.

Keep Your Streets Safe with Monthly Subdivision Lighting Service

Is there a street light in front of your house in your subdivision that is out and just never seems to get changed? Call Bright Ideas Lighting. We offer subdivision lighting services in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, and Star, Idaho. When you choose Bright Ideas Lighting to maintain the street lights in your community, you can rest assured knowing we’ll drive our bucket truck through your subdivision every month to monitor your HOA lights and replace bulbs, ballasts, or fixtures as needed. After all, brightly lit streets are essential to deterring criminal activity and keeping the roads safe for drivers and pedestrians alike. Bright Ideas Lighting is a dependable, local lighting company with an excellent reputation for quality work, reasonable prices, and the best warranties in the business.

Why Choose Bright Ideas For HOA Lighting

When it comes to exterior commercial lighting services, you won’t find an easier company to work with than Bright Ideas Lighting. We’ve been providing the Treasure Valley area with the best and brightest in HOA lighting, exterior lighting, parking lot lights, and subdivision lighting since 2007. Our competitive prices, excellent warranties, and flexible work schedule make it an easy decision to choose us for repairing, replacing, or upgrading your existing exterior lighting fixtures, bulbs, and ballasts. You’ll work directly with the owner, ensuring the quality commercial lighting service your business needs and the excellent customer service you deserve. Contact us for a FREE lighting and energy audit or quote on service and repair today.

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