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A well-lit commercial street has a significant impact on any business or residential area. Apart from providing the required security lighting, a lit street adds to your commercial premise’s aesthetic nature. If you are looking for a reputable Boise street lighting contractor, get in touch with Bright Ideas Lighting Company.

We are a leading commercial lighting company with years of experience in the industry. We are proud to have partnered with businesses across various sectors, including fitness centers, restaurants, parking lots, garages, and retail stores.

At Bright Ideas, we provide high-quality solutions to ensure that the street outside your business is appropriately lit at dusk and through the night. We offer the following services:

Street Light System Design and Installation

As a reputable Boise street light contractor, we understand the importance of continuous road lighting when drivers need to pull over at your commercial parking lot, not to mention the beautiful illumination your storefront gets. That’s why we provide street light designs that add value to your business. Our professional street-light contractors can create the best design that ensures even light-intensity distribution to maintain uniform illumination up and down the narrow lane outside your business.

Once we have created a custom street light design, we also provide high-quality pole installation. Our professional and seasoned contractors are trained, certified, and experienced in installing street light poles. We will listen to your needs to tailor our services to your unique needs. Do you have a tree canopy that you don’t want disturbed or a wide street you need street lighting? We will ensure we satisfy your expectations and wants.

Street Light Maintenance and Repairs

Like any other electrically-powered fixtures, street lights also develop issues as time goes by. Environmental elements, such as stones, can damage the bulbs/lamps. A reliable Boise street light contractor like Bright Ideas can cater to your street-light maintenance needs, from material acquisitions to labor and equipment requirements. We can fix any issues with your street lights, including faulty lamps, connection wires, junction boxes, and conduit bores, among others.

Different Types of Lighting Technologies

Traditionally, businesses utilized high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps, which are high-intensity lights, which offered significant energy efficiency. With time, HPS lights were discovered to provide intense white light that distracted drier brake reaction with its double-driver peripheral lighting.

That has led to the emergence of new, reliable street light technologies that include:

  • LED Lights
  • Induction lights
  • Compact fluorescent lamps
  • Mercury Vapor Lamps (MVPs)
  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lights
  • Metal Halide Lights
  • High-Pressure Sodium Lamps

Advantages of Having Commercial Street Lighting

Although LED street lights are a new concept in the road lighting sector, they have grown in popularity exponentially. Although the technology may differ from the typical HSP lights, the objective of their installation remains the same: To keep roads safe at night and reduce cases of accidents. Still, you will enjoy several other benefits by investing in street lighting. They include:

Improved Energy Efficiency

One bright side about the latest commercial street-lighting solutions is that they are more energy-efficient. There is a large selection of lighting products in the market, including fluorescent lights, incandescence lamps, and LED bulbs. All these use energy-efficient lamps, saving you utility money.


There have been significant advancements in street lighting technologies, which have resulted in high-quality products. Today, businesses can choose from different types of street lights with different shapes and sizes, depending on their needs. Besides, there are numerous brands, allowing consumers to compare quality and costs.


Just because today’s products have high functionality and energy efficiency does not mean you have to dig deeper into your pockets to install LED street lights. The industry is highly competitive; materials are readily available, enabling manufacturers to design products that reduce the overall costs. Also, street lights are quite versatile, and that should come as good news to homeowners as they can also use them within their properties.

Advantages of LED Street Lights

Imagine driving home from work at night, and the street lights are flickering all over. That can cause safety hazards on the road, especially when you are trying to stay awake. However, LED lights offer a revolutionary means of enhancing road safety, keeping drivers alert, and reducing energy and maintenance costs. Below, we have outlined some of the top benefits of installing LED street lights.

  1. LED lamps do not have filaments, which means they require no prior warming. They also do not burn out quickly.
  2. They emit less heat
  3. Highly energy-efficient
  4. Low maintenance costs
  5. Contains no harmful chemicals, such as mercury
  6. Enhanced color rendering

Why Choose Bright Ideas Lighting Company for your Commercial Street Lighting?

By partnering with Bright Ideas, you are sure to work with a qualified and experienced Boise street light contractor. Our company has been in the lighting industry for over a decade. We have improved our knowledge and skills with every encounter we’ve had. Therefore, we can assess your commercial street and create a street lighting design while anticipating your needs.

Our professionals are ready to work out an affordable street lighting package for your business. We are the only lighting firm in Boise that provides LD retrofitting with practical cost analysis. We pledge to offer you the best rates and empower you to enjoy Idaho’s Power incentives by assisting you in filling out the required documents.

Are you planning to install commercial street lighting? Count on Bright Ideas to provide efficient, professional and cost-effective LED street lighting solutions. Contact us through (208) 378-1889.

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