Kuna, Idaho Commercial Electrical Contractor

If you need Kuna, Idaho commercial electrical contractors, Bright Ideas is the company for you. We are a premier electrical company with years of experience helping our customers complete their large-scale projects. We have the team, flexibility, and experience to offer efficient and effective commercial electrical services when you need them. Our scope of experience is all-encompassing and we haven’t met a commercial electrical challenge we couldn’t solve yet. From monthly electrical check-ins to troubleshooting a short circuit to new construction we have solutions for every type of client.

Kuna, Idaho Commercial Electrical Projects

The following is a brief list of the electrical projects Bright Ideas has experience tackling. Keep in mind that this is a limited list, as electrical projects are endless in nature. Even if your project/problem is not on the list Bright Ideas is ready to help. Give us a call today to talk about your commercial electrical needs and we will have a team out with the solution.

  • Electrical Upgrades

  • New Electrical Installations

  • Standby Power Generating Systems

  • Switchboard Installation

  • Programmable Thermostats

  • New Builds and Property Improvements

  • Power Quality Analysis

  • NEC Code Solutions

  • Temperature Controls

  • OSHA Violation Corrections

  • Telecommunications Solutions

  • Fiber Optic Conduit

  • Routine Electrical Maintenance

  • Panel Replacements/Expansion

  • Electrical System Update

  • Electronic Time Clocks

  • Emergency Electrical Services

  • Energy Audits

  • Electrical System Replacement

  • Addition of Electrical Circuits (120-480 Volt)

  • Tenant Build-Outs

  • Lighting Installation

  • Power Factory Testing

  • Explosion-proof Wiring

  • HVAC System Wiring

Kuna Commercial Electricians

Our Kuna Idaho commercial electrical contractors are part of the local community, so we take our service to community memes seriously. We employ only highly skilled master electricians who are capable of offering high-quality service to hundreds of commercial, retail, and industrial clients across the greater Kuna area. From monthly check-ins to updating electrical systems to installing new electrical systems we are capable of it all. Some of our regular clients include local office space, retail shops, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

In addition to electrical systems, we also offer electricians who can independently tackle smaller but still important electrical tasks for your company. From the installation of new industrial fans to occupancy sensors to new fixtures we offer quick response time, affordable rates, and measurable results.

New Electrical System

We are proud to offer a complete electrical system installation for new builds. Bright Ideas has worked with schools, commercial buildings, medical complexes, retail shops, offices, and more to help ensure their new builds are completed within full compliance with all electrical codes. The project managers at Bright Ideas work alongside building contractors to efficiently and accurately install systems.

Electrical System Update

Electrical needs of commercial businesses evolve and change over time, which is why outdated buildings usually have outdated electrical systems. Outside of the life-threatening dangers that an outdated electrical system can poise, an old electrical system can reduce the quality of function and increase energy costs. Bright Ideas can retrofit any electrical system to bring it up to current standards and enhance performance.

Routine Electrical Maintenance

Electrical downtime means equipment downtime, and very few businesses can afford the problems that arise with downtime. Routine electrical maintenance helps prevent electrical problems by catching potential issues before they become an emergency. We send out experienced electricians to appraise our clients’ electrical systems on a regular basis to repair any potential issues proactively.

NEC Code Solutions

The NEC is the universal standard for electrical systems and ensures that property and people are protected from danger. Any code violations are a serious matter and can result in fines or potential property damage and/or harm. Our Kuna, Idaho commercial electrical contractors can identify and fix any NEC code violations.

Initial Switchboard Installation

Commercial businesses that rely on multiple components and equipment will benefit from an electrical switchboard that can safely and efficiently distribute power throughout a warehouse, manufacturing plant, or retail shop. Bright Ideas is happy to help install or repair electrical switchboards for our commercial customers.

Replacement Panels

The electrical panel in your commercial property is responsible for delivering electricity to all circuits within the electrical grid, but aging buildings often contain aging panels which can compromise the electrical quality. Our skilled electricians can replace or repair the electrical panel to ensure power is never disrupted again.

Energy Audits

Energy shortages and climate change demand businesses take a closer look at their energy conservation methods. Bright Ideas regularly performs commercial energy audits so that businesses can reduce their energy consumption. Advertising your business as green commercial space can help attract positive attention and reduce costs making it a win-win for everyone.

Emergency Services

Commercial electrical issues can arise at any time of the day, and many demand immediate attention to reduce potential risk. Bright Ideas employs a large team of Kuna, Idaho commercial electrical contractors that are available at any time of the day to troubleshoot issues. Call us 24/7 and we will have a team out ready to solve your electrical emergency.