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Problems associated with electricity are usually disruptive. This is because they can happen without an advance warning. If the problem is not solved as soon as expected, a lot of damage can take place. That’s why you need to have a qualified electrician in your contact list – someone who can attend to your needs at short notice. Let Bright Ideas Lighting Company be your electrical contractor of choice. We are ready to help you with your next commercial project.

Common Electrical Projects We Do

We have years of experience working on a variety of different electrical projects. Here’s a few examples of work we do:

Electrical Retrofitting & Additions

You can start small, but with time, your business is bound to grow as the demand grows. As this happens, your electricity demand will also increase. Instead of replacing your lighting, circuit breakers, and the electrical system, it would be wise to go for retrofitting services, which will cost you less.

Our experts will add new features or technology to your existing system to upgrade it or improve its performance. Electrical retrofitting and additions ensure the existing electrical codes are adhered to, and dangerous electrical issues are avoided. If you are remodeling or expanding, you can contact us for this service rather than replacing the entire electrical system.

New Construction Electrical Installation

If you are building a home or an office, you’ll need the services of a qualified, reliable, and trustworthy electrical contractor for electrical installation services. Our expert will design your electrical wiring system, then implement it to your satisfaction.

Being a local company, we understand all the electrical regulations and codes in this region, so we are better placed to offer you this service. Our team of licensed highly trained, and certified electricians will go over and above to meet all your needs, no matter the size of your project.

Electrical Repair & Maintenance

Having a broken or damaged electrical system is dangerous beyond any doubts. Similarly, allowing anyone to handle your broken or damaged electrical system is equally dangerous. You need an experienced professional McCall Electrician who can troubleshoot electrical problems, then provide the correct solutions as fast as possible.

We offer maintenance and repair services to both domestic and commercial customers. We understand that it is only by providing you with top-notch electrical solutions that your business can prosper.

Electrical Panel Installation and Replacement

The electrical panel (circuit breaker box) is an important electrical component in your home or office. If it is not functioning properly, you may witness issues like tripped breakers, flickering lights, and even power loss.

The electrical panels don’t last forever. Most of them have a life expectancy of about 60 years. The lifespan can be reduced if they get exposed to elements like moisture. If you want to install a new panel, or replace the existing panel, get in touch with us. We’ll assess your power needs, and then choose a panel that can serve you without a glitch.

Commercial Lighting

Commercial lighting is a big project that can only be handled by an experienced contractor. It mainly deals with lighting commercial spaces, including government buildings, hospitals, institutions, big stores, and offices. It is about lighting spaces other than residential, manufacturing, or industrial.

Commercial lighting is usually associated with higher service and maintenance costs, better durability, longer lifespan, higher installation costs, and energy-saving options. Our experts have dealt with hundreds, if not thousands of commercial lighting projects. They are, therefore, better placed to design systems that can support the activities undertaken in a commercial enterprise.

When choosing light fixtures, we consider their functions, applications, characteristics, and design. We understand that a commercial space needs to be well lit to prevent accidents and increase productivity.

Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot lighting refers to the lighting fixtures along pathways, in parking lots, and driveways. They are normally fixed on poles to illuminate the areas where vehicles are packed.

The fixtures must be made of durable and corrosion-resistant materials so they can serve for many years. Apart from supporting the light, they also need to have aesthetic value. Our experts will design the best fixtures for you and choose light sources that provide optimum illumination.

Energy Conservation Audits

Energy conservation audits, particularly electrical audits, ensure there is no wastage of electricity. Monthly electricity bills can be prohibitive, and they are among the overheads that eat into the profits of a company.

An audit will enable you to understand your electricity usage and fix some leaks to conserve power. We are experts at carrying out these audits and will also advise you on cost-cutting measures, including the use of efficient equipment.

Why choose Bright Ideas?

Not everyone who claims to be an electrical contractor is qualified for the job. If you are in the market of a top-tier McCall Idaho Electrical Contractor, you need not look further than Bright Ideas. Here are the reasons we stand tall among our peers:

  • Expertise/Training: Our electricians have both academic and professional qualifications. Each of our McCall Electrician has their background checked before they are hired. This is to ensure we get the best.
  • Experience: Bright Ideas Lighting Company was founded in 2007. Since then, we’ve been providing unparalleled services to the residence of McCall, Idaho, and the surrounding areas.
  • Thoughtful System Design & Installation: We are experts in electrical installations and can handle all kinds of electrical projects. System design and installation are just some of our specialties.
  • Client-focused Work: In all our operations, our customers come first. Our customer-centric approach has made us build strong bonds with our customers.

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