Nampa, Idaho Commercial Electrical Contractor

Bright Ideas is a Nampa, Idaho electric company that offers regional customers a full suite of comprehensive commercial electrical solutions. Our team of highly trained and experienced Nampa, Idaho commercial electricians are able to complete a wide range of projects that ensure your business does not suffer any downtime. Whether you need a new electrical installation, electrical troubleshooting, electrical retrofitting, or industrial light solutions, Bright Ideas is here to help.

Nampa, Idaho Commercial Electrical Projects

The following is a brief list of the many electrical projects that Bright Ideas can tackle for commercial clients. This is a limited list because electrical problems vary in scope and type so it is impossible to list every scenario, but it does offer a glimpse into the talents of our expert Nampa, Idaho commercial electricians. If you do not see your project/problem on the list call Bright Ideas to discuss a quote and service date. We are happy to work on any commercial electrical project and always have a team on stand-by.

  • New Build Electrical Installation

  • Switchboard Installation

  • Electrical Upgrades & Retrofitting

  • Power Generator Installation

  • Programmable Thermostats

  • NEC Code Corrections

  • New Builds and Property Improvements

  • Power Quality Analysis

  • Commercial & Industrial Lighting Solutions

  • OSHA Violation Solutions

  • Temperature Controls

  • Fiber Optic Conduit

  • Electrical System Updates

  • Emergency Electrical Services

  • Telecommunications Solutions

  • Panel Replacements/Expansion

  • Energy Audits

  • Routine Electrical Maintenance

  • Tenant Build-Outs

  • Power Factory Testing

  • Electrical System Replacement

  • Addition of Electrical Circuits (120-480 Volt)

  • HVAC System Wiring

  • Explosion-Proof Wiring

Nampa, Idaho Commercial Electricians

Bright Ideas has built a strong reputation in the Nampa community for its quick service, reliable Nampa, Idaho commercial electricians, and affordable commercial solutions. All of our highly skilled Nampa commercial electricians are master electricians and educated on both NEC and OSHA regulations. From routine check-ins to the installation of new electrical systems to troubleshooting emergency electrical issues our technicians can handle every challenge. Bright Ideas works with a variety of commercial clients including retail shops, offices, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and multi-family homes.

If you are looking for a commercial electrical company that can offer effective results, quick response time, affordable electrical rates, and code-compliant electrical solutions, give Bright Ideas a call today for your free quote.

New Build Electrical System Installation

Bright Ideas employs master Nampa, Idaho commercial electricians that work alongside contractors to ensure the electrical system installation within any new build proceeds according to plan. All systems are installed in full accordance with local regulations, NEC standards, and OSHA regulations.

Electrical System Update & Retrofitting

Older buildings can present unique electrical problems, we solve those problems and create higher energy efficiency for our commercial clients by updating or retrofitting electrical systems in older buildings. Contact Bright Ideas for an electrical consultation today.

Power Quality Analysis

In a properly working electrical system, the distribution system properly distributes electrical loans so that everything functions optimally. Accurate power quality will reduce energy costs and unscheduled outages. There are many issues that can lead to low power quality including improper wiring, unbalanced loads, and poor grounding. Our team of Nampa, Idaho commercial electricians can conduct a quality analysis survey to determine where issues may lay within your electrical system.

NEC Code Solutions

The NEC Code is the accepted set of standards that governs safe and efficient electrical installation. Code violations are serious as they can result in property damage or loss of life. Bright Ideas takes NEC code issues seriously and will quickly troubleshoot any problems and offer solutions that are in full compliance with accepted NEC code standards.

Routine Electrical Inspection

The best way to prevent electrical issues is via regular electrical inspection. Bright Ideas offers a monthly electrical inspection service to all of its commercial clients to ensure that electrical systems are always functioning at their best. Downtime is expensive for clients, and we can help prevent downtime by proactively repairing potential electrical issues as they arise.

Switchboard Installation

An energy switchboard ensures that power is distributed evenly within a commercial enterprise. It also allows power to be individually controlled so that one electrical issue does not shut down the entire facility. Contact Bright Ideas today for a new switchboard installation or repairs to an existing switchboard.

Energy Audits

Energy audits serve two functions: to assess current energy consumption and identify areas where energy use can be conserved. Reduced energy consumption reduces overhead costs and helps make a company green-friendly which is often a great marketing point.

Commercial & Industrial Lighting

Commercial and industrial companies have unique lighting needs, which is why you need a professionally trained team of electricians to assist with lighting installation. Bright Ideas employs master technicians that can assist with commercial lighting solutions and commercial/industrial fan solutions as needed.

Emergency Services

Electrical issues do not follow a 9-5 schedule, which is why Bright Ideas offers its commercial customers emergency services 24/7. Give us a call at any time and we will have a Nampa, Idaho commercial electrician out to your property promptly to assess electrical issues.

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