Boise Friends Church

Complete Lighting Upgrade

At Boise Friends Church we did a lighting retrofit where we changed old 400-watt metal halide lights in the church gym to a 6 lamp T8 high bays. This resulted in increased light levels and the reduction in energy usage of over 50%. The old metal halide lights also took several minutes to come up to full power, where the T8 fluorescent lights now come on instantly.

Besides the gymnasium lighting upgrades, we also changed out over 100 incandescent 60-watt bulbs to 11 watt LEDs. The 11 watt LEDs are a dramatic decrease in wattage and will last ten times longer than the old incandescent bulbs.

Idaho Power lighting incentives paid for over 85% of the total project costs as this project was completed under the Easy Upgrades program and was considered a Complete Lighting Upgrade.

Better lit gym area in Boise