LED Retrofit

Technichem is a company in Boise, Idaho that makes industrial detergents. Bright Ideas Lighting Co. changed all interior lights from the old T12s to new, more energy efficient T8 fluorescent lights. We also installed on-fixture occupancy sensors so that the lights would be off when areas of the warehouse were unoccupied. Aside from cutting the energy of the fixture by over 50%, the light fixtures run time has also been reduced.

Exterior lighting fixtures were converted from high-pressure sodium and metal halide to LED lights. This resulted in energy savings of over 75%.

Boise Friends Church

Complete Lighting Upgrade

At Boise Friends Church we did a lighting retrofit where we changed old 400-watt metal halide lights in the church gym to a 6 lamp T8 high bays. This resulted in increased light levels and the reduction in energy usage of over 50%. The old metal halide lights also took several minutes to come up to full power, where the T8 fluorescent lights now come on instantly.

Besides the gymnasium lighting upgrades, we also changed out over 100 incandescent 60-watt bulbs to 11 watt LEDs. The 11 watt LEDs are a dramatic decrease in wattage and will last ten times longer than the old incandescent bulbs.

Idaho Power lighting incentives paid for over 85% of the total project costs as this project was completed under the Easy Upgrades program and was considered a Complete Lighting Upgrade.

Hillcrest Assisted Living

LED Retrofit

Hillcrest Assisted Living in Boise, Idaho had over 800 interior and exterior incandescent light bulbs on their premises. Bright Ideas Lighting changed all incandescent lights to screw-in 11 watt LEDs. Going from incandescent lights to LEDs reduced energy about 80% while also increasing the bulb life approximately ten times and slightly increasing light levels.

The dining area for the residents had 175-watt mercury vapor lights which were changed out to new 32 watt LED fixtures. You will see that by just doing this, light levels and light quality increased.

In the picture below the old mercury vapor lights are on the left, and new LED fixtures are on the right.

For the exterior lighting, we changed all 115 exterior incandescent lights to 11 watt LEDs. The canopy lights were switched from a 100 watt R40 mercury vapor light (not even made anymore) to LED par lights. The parking lot lights were changed from 250-watt metal halide to 45 watt LEDs.

Energy savings for this project will be over 200,000 kWh per year. We used the Idaho Power Easy Upgrade for this project, and the incentives paid for approximately 90% of the total cost. Their energy savings will pay for this project in about 3 months.

Pipeco Boise Idaho

LED Retrofit

The Pipeco warehouse in Boise, Idaho had old 8′ 4 bulb T12 fixtures. These consumed approximately 295 watts each. These fixtures were on all of the time despite areas of the back warehouse being unoccupied much of the day.

Bright Ideas Lighting Co used the Idaho Power Easy Upgrades Program and upgraded the old T12 lights to new 4 lamp T8 high bay fixtures with occupancy sensors. Instead of the previous usage of 295 watts each, the new fixtures now use 110 watts.

Bright Ideas Lighting handled all of the rebate processing paperwork for the Idaho Power incentives only needing our customer to sign the first and final application forms.

The photos below show some of the old 8′ 4 lamp fixtures next to the new 8′ T8 high bays. Despite using less than half the energy, the T8 high bays produce far more light and better light quality.

Arbor Crossfit

LED Upgrade

Bright Ideas Lighting Co. recently upgraded the lights at Arbor Crossfit in Boise, Idaho. The facility had all T12 lights; mostly they were 8′ lights. All of the lights in the workout areas were 8′ T12, and offices and changing rooms were primarily 4′ T12 fluorescent.

We upgraded the lights to T12 lights to new LED fixtures. In some areas, we swapped the lights out 1 for 1, but in others, we were able to use LED strip fixtures. Light levels throughout the facility increased by approximately 30%. Additionally, wattage was cut by around 70%.

We used Idaho Power’s lighting incentive program to get incentive money for this project which paid for approximately 95% of the total cost. This left the customer to pay only a small out-of-pocket sum for all new LED lights.

The LED lights are expected to last at least 70,000 hours. In addition to the energy savings, the customer will also be saving on lighting maintenance costs for the next several years.

Idaho Soccer Center

LED Upgrade

Bright Ideas Lighting recently completed lighting upgrade at the Idaho Soccer Center in Meridian Idaho. Idaho Indoor Soccer Center is an indoor site where many recreational and competitive soccer leagues are played year-round. The place had 400-watt metal halide light fixtures, several of which were out. There was also netting below the light fixtures to protect the lights from soccer balls hitting them.

We upgraded the older 400-watt metal halide lights (input wattage 460 watts) to new modern LED high bay fixtures. The LED high bays have a rated life of over 60,000 hours.

This project qualified for Idaho Power lighting incentives and paid for over 60% of the total cost.

River of Life School

LED Upgrade

Bright Ideas Lighting upgraded the lighting at River of Life School in Payette, Idaho. The school’s entire building had T12 fluorescent lights, and the gymnasium had 400-watt metal halide lights in the ceiling.

We changed the T12 fluorescent lights to high-performance, low watt T8 fluorescent lighting. For the gym, we retrofitted the MH400 lights to 100 watt LEDs. The parking lot lights were upgraded from 400-watt high-pressure sodium to 80 watt LED. We also replaced old quartz lights with LED floods. The mercury vapor lights were replaced with the new LED barnyard style lights.

Idaho Power lighting incentives covered approximately 60% of the cost of this project, leaving our customer to pay around 40% of the total cost.

Idaho Fitness Factory

Fitness Factory in Meridian Idaho is a fitness facility with lights running 24/7. The Meridian site had 4′ T8 and mostly 8′ T12 fluorescent lights. The T12 fixtures were removed and replaced with 48 watt LED strip fixtures. As a result, light levels increased while electricity usage was significantly reduced

The T8 fixtures were replaced with new 2×4 LED troffers. With this upgrade, we went from 112 watts per fixture down to 40 watts per fixture. We also changed the remaining incandescent lights to LED. Motion sensors were installed in bathrooms and side rooms to maximize energy savings.

The project was submitted through Idaho Power to get incentives for upgrades. For example, because we did occupancy sensors in appropriate areas, this project qualified for an extra 5% incentive over normal levels. This is what Idaho Power calls a “Complete Lighting Upgrade.” Bright Ideas Lighting handled all of the Idaho Power bureaucrats and forms for our customer.
Our installed LED lights also come with a five-year warranty. Security like this allows Fitness Factory to enjoy low maintenance costs for years to come.