Boise Commercial Electrical Company

Get Lighting and Electricity Where You Need It, On Spec and Up To Code

At Bright Ideas Lighting Company, our highly skilled master electricians provide top quality service hundreds of retail, commercial, multi-family, and industrial customers in the Boise area. We are dedicated to our customers, providing monthly check-ins that ensure all of their lighting and electrical needs are satisfied. We work with companies of all sizes on varying projects from updating an entire electrical system, to repairs and small installations.

Commercial Electrical Service

At Bright Ideas Lighting, we are a licensed Idaho electrical contractor specializing in lighting. However, lighting isn’t the only job we do! From breakers and fuses to rewiring circuits and electrical troubleshooting–our master electricians can support your general commercial electrical needs to keep your lights on and the power flowing wherever you need it. We provide commercial electrical services for local offices, retailers, manufacturing plants, warehouses and more.

New appliances, lighting, industrial fans, and other changes to your restaurant, office break room, or commercial build out will inevitably require new electrical wiring and most likely an updated circuit board. The electricians at Bright Ideas Lighting can provide these commercial electrical services and more. Need an occupancy sensor for a dimly lit hall or stairway? We can do that. We can also add dimmers, replace switches and outlets, or simply get more power to the areas that need it. Contact us today for a quote on your commercial electrical needs today.

Industrial Lighting Services

We understand the need for consistent and reliable lighting in your warehouse facility, which is why we offer a variety of lighting services tailored to the industrial industry. With our warehouse lighting solutions, we can make sure that your warehouse lighting is in full accordance with laws and regulations, and ensure that additional areas of the building are illuminated correctly. From LED retrofits to installations, repairs, and maintenance, the team at Bright Ideas Lighting can handle any size industrial lighting job.

Commercial Lighting Service

LED lights are becoming increasingly popular in commercial businesses, and it’s for a good reason! With longer lasting life spans, higher energy efficiency, and virtually zero UV light radiation, LEDs are the smarter, safer solution to your lighting needs. LED lights also improve the amount of light as well as the quality of light that flows through your workspace. With the use of better quality lights, your employees will be happier and more productive in their workspace. For a commercial lighting repair or LED solution for your business, contact Bright Ideas Lighting today.