Hillcrest Assisted Living

LED Retrofit

Hillcrest Assisted Living in Boise, Idaho had over 800 interior and exterior incandescent light bulbs on their premises. Bright Ideas Lighting changed all incandescent lights to screw-in 11 watt LEDs. Going from incandescent lights to LEDs reduced energy about 80% while also increasing the bulb life approximately ten times and slightly increasing light levels.

The dining area for the residents had 175-watt mercury vapor lights which were changed out to new 32 watt LED fixtures. You will see that by just doing this, light levels and light quality increased.

In the picture below the old mercury vapor lights are on the left, and new LED fixtures are on the right.

For the exterior lighting, we changed all 115 exterior incandescent lights to 11 watt LEDs. The canopy lights were switched from a 100 watt R40 mercury vapor light (not even made anymore) to LED par lights. The parking lot lights were changed from 250-watt metal halide to 45 watt LEDs.

Energy savings for this project will be over 200,000 kWh per year. We used the Idaho Power Easy Upgrade for this project, and the incentives paid for approximately 90% of the total cost. Their energy savings will pay for this project in about 3 months.